October 15, 2019

Week 10 & 11

I took weeks 10 and 11 to go back and catch up on some business in Mammoth, taking care of some maintenance and staffing issues with our property management and airbnb business. However, I left Wes alone to get some work done, and believe me, he did a great job of getting some work done! Although it didn't LOOK a ton different, it was SO exciting to come back to running water!!



-Functioning HVAC. I would be way more excited about this, except (of course) it significantly cooled down here in Alabama once we got working air conditioning, and now we hardly need it because it's so nice outside!
-Lots of trim work. Boring, but so necessary!


Notable Mishaps

-Honestly we didn't have too many mishaps the last couple weeks, at least at Rocky Ridge. We definitely had some issues at one of our other rental properties (including major plumbing backups!) But we're thankful to be smoothly making good progress here!


-Appliance installation
-Finishes: trim work, caulking, patching drywall, etc.
-Finishing exterior paint and lighting.