Written by: Shelby

August 9, 2019

Week 2 & 3

Rebuilding and Reinforcing

Week 2 and 3 have still been mostly about getting demo done! We’ve ran into some issues from rot in the foundation and load bearing beams of the house that had t

July 25, 2019

Week 1- Still Moldy

We’re wrapping up week 1 working on the Rocky Ridge house! The process has been going very slowly, but smoothly. Our two biggest issues have been:

1. CONTRACTORS- Finding someone t

July 15, 2019

“The Mold House” Story

Wes and I are really excited (well, I’m really excited…) to announce that we closed on our first property that we intend to flip! This will be a major project for us both and we’re both pretty nervo

May 14, 2019

Waiting to Close

I’ve been trying to do research on removing squatters from a property and struggling to find relevant information. Squatter’s rights are a way that law makers could allow property to be put to use. If

May 12, 2019

Squatter House

Some of you are aware that we also have real estate investments in Birmingham, AL. We love Mammoth and it is a such a joy to invest, live and play there, but we also have taken advantage of the low co

May 5, 2019

Setting Up New Listings

We’re in the process of adding three new listings this month! We’re very particular about the units we take on, and have a waiting list right now, so finding the perfect combination of unit, o

April 19, 2019

2 Bedroom Income/Occupancy

2 Bedroom Occupancy and Income


I get messages all the time from people who are considering purchasing a vacation rental in Mammoth. The questions I inevitably get are “How much mon

April 10, 2019

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals?

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Do you allow pets in your vacation rentals? We’re adding two new units that are both pet friendly this month, but there are a lot of pros and cons to al

April 2, 2019

The Airbnb Experiment

Four years ago my newlywed husband and I toured Europe on our honeymoon and stayed in Airbnb rentals along the way. We had such an incredible time that we decided to give Airbnb hosting a try in a big