Remember that this is not a fireplace, it is a wood-burning stove designed to the heat the house. The outside of the stove will also get very hot, please keep children away. There is NOT a flue, you can open and close the damper using the handle on the side to allow more or less oxygen.


  1. Separate four or five pieces of newspaper. Bunch and compress some newspapers, and lay them on the bed of the fire box just in front of the door.

  2. Lay a few 2-inch strips of cardboard on top of the newspaper, and place several pieces of small kindling wood or dry bark on top of the cardboard.

  3. Finally, place one or two small pieces kindling, either firewood split into thin pieces, or small branches on top of the pile. Light the newspaper at the bottom.

  4. After the kindling pieces have ignited and burned for several minutes, add one or two larger pieces of wood. It’s a good idea to turn and bunch the burning debris together before adding the larger pieces.

  5. Keep the door of the woodstove cracked for several minutes or until the larger pieces are well-ignited. Then shut and latch the door.