April 3, 2019

Why Airbnb?

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You Are Here:Why Airbnb?

Often when we’re interviewing potential clients, they will ask us why we aren’t using other platforms like VRBO, Booking.com, Homeaway, etc. On the surface, the answer is really simple. We stick with what we know, and what works. We know the Airbnb platform like the back of our hands. Not only the technicalities, but we have a pretty good grasp of the clientele and what they’re looking for, plus how to stay high in the search results.


We keep our occupancy rates incredibly high using only one platform as well, so setting up and paying for other channels doesn’t seem like a great option right now. We love the simplicity of having all of our bookings and communications with guests in one place, and we think that makes it much easier on our guests too. We communicate easily, frequently, and quickly whenever there are any questions or issues, so our guests can always reach us.


We like (generally) the clientele that uses Airbnb to travel. We have a lot of foreign tourists in our area, and Airbnb is a very international platform. A lot of our guests are a bit younger and a bit more tech savvy (I’d much prefer to answer questions sent via the Airbnb app than getting a phone call in the middle of my dinner or yoga class, haha!) I’m sure you’ve also heard the horror stories of terrible Airbnb guests having massive parties and trashing places, but we haven’t experienced anything like that, thankfully. Maybe having smaller units, such as studios and one bedrooms, helps prevent the party crowd, or maybe we’ve just been lucky so far, but either way, we’ll take it!


Lastly, we really like the way the review system works on Airbnb. That added layer of protection of being able to review the guest and review their previous reviews makes a big difference in running our business. When we do have the occasional crummy guest, it’s a nice satisfaction to be able to leave a poor review, and we’ve definitely read reviews from other owners that weren’t favorable and declined stays because of it.


Overall, Airbnb has worked well for us and for our business, and we’ll continue to use it as long as it stays that way! As always, we’re keeping our minds open and ready to make any changes necessary to give both our owners and our guests the best experience possible. What platform(s) do you use for short term rentals, and why?



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